• Ryokan @ Muntri Street, the first flashpacker in town
  • Check out Ryokan's 'Anatomy of A Flashpacker' to see if you fit the description
  • A little cozy corner for you to have a beer whilst getting a sun tan
  • Smooth and efficient checkins with our friendly staffs
  • Tastefully designed bar for your comfort
  • Ryokan's chic little cafe - Titbits
  • Ryokan's private Lounge - for residents only
  • The art which perfected our Lounge - hand drawn mural of Muntri Street featuring Ryokan
  • Shared bathroom facilities - Raw minimalist design with eco-friendly features
  • Another residents only facility - Chillax Corner & Reading Corner

Think Japanese, flashpacking and modern technology. Sum it all up, and you get a chic hostel called Ryokan. Ryokan's first hostel in Malaysia is located at Muntri Street, Georgetown Penang. Proudly proclaimed as the first flashpacker hostel in Malaysia, our boutique hostel redefines the true meaning of flashpacking by providing affordable accommodation in a chic environment which guarantees fun, comfort and security.

Our attractive location, right in the middle of the UNESCO heritage zone is also part of our charm. Surrounded with a picturesque heritage architecture and historical places of interest (click here to find out what's surrounding us!), Ryokan is the perfect accommodation for your visit to Penang. So come on, MAKE A DATE WITH US, and we'll shower you with the experience of your lifetime. Like our tagline suggests, you're not a flashpacker if you haven't stayed at Ryokan! So see you soon!

Don't know what a flashpacker is? Click here to find out!

What's a flashpacker?

Don't know what a flashpacker is? We'll help you clear things up. If you travel with your iPod, digital camera and laptop, you have officially placed yourself in the category of what we call flashpackers. If you are traveling on a budget, but you are looking for something a bit more upmarket and luxurious and as affordable as a hostel, you're also a flashpacker.

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Mis business and pleasure
Flash packer style

Mixing Business and Pleasure in Ryokan @ Muntri Street

Sometimes, all you want to do is just be on a holiday, meet people from different walks of life, and experience whats life like at the other end of the world. But in reality, for most of us, we need to find ways to fuel our desires. As exciting and fun as it sounds like to be on a holiday for months without a care, for most people, achieving this without some form of support will always be almost impossible.

This is where we come in. We know that traveling abroad will always involve huge expenses, especially when we have to take time off work, so we took the initiative to introduce a programme which allows you to experience how life is in Penang, in exchange for some benefits. We call it mixing business and pleasure. In a reality that usually discourages you from this, we give you the once in your lifetime experience to mix business with pleasure.

So here's the deal - you help out with managing the hostel, making sure your fellow roommates are comfortable, and assist us in making the place more efficient, and in return, we will provide you with your own little comfort zone, food to fill up your tummy and a little pocket money for you to buy some souvenirs and indulge in some local tours. Now how does that sound? If you're interested, do drop us an email at experience@myryokan.com together with your CV, and we will advise you on what to do next!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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